kompakt : food + us

kompakt is a set of tools that enables us to strengthen our relationship and experience with food. Through day-to
day actions, we become directly connected with the food we eat and the waste we produce.   

hard maple, ceramic, glass 


The Kompakt kitchen station features a removable cutting board for ease of cleaning.

Herb Keeper : Herbs last the longest when treated like a bouquet of flowers and can last up to 2 weeks in the fridge. Water should be changed daily, by uncorking the spout to drain and flush the water out. 

fruit and vegetable storage : Store fruits and vegetables in their designated bins, where they are designed to keep fresh longer than when kept in the fridge. This is done using modernized ancient technology such as evaporative cooling for fruits. 

compost : food scraps can be collected by sliding the cutting board and dropping scraps into composter. When full the tapered box is put on top of the composter stack. The stacking composter can easily fit multiple family sizes by allowing more wooden boxes to be added. When the worms have traveled to the next level, the bottom is ready and worm-free for harvesting soil. 

compost planter lid : The composter features a ceramic planter as the lid, utilizing the finished soil as well as covering the wooden composter. 


stitch mugs 

Stitch series blends the rigidity of ceramics with soft fabric like characteristics.

hand built stoneware, mason stain


stacking bowls 

Stacking bowls and plates. 

slipcast stoneware, underglaze


sake bottle set 

sake set with matching bottle and cups

thrown stoneware, with mixed in granular Manganese